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Working with a Designer

… and creating award winning design Creative recently received a Gold Aster Award in the category of multilingual healthcare marketing for a poster designed for VNA Health Care. The Aster Awards are given for excellence in healthcare marketing. I have won awards in the past for work with VNA Health Care and Midwest Heart Specialists. Both of these organizations were regular clients over the last eight years, with whom I worked closely in creating their marketing communications.

Award winning work is possible when there is a good working relationship between the designer and client. Here are a few tips on how to achieve that relationship.

  • Know your goals and your budget and be ready to discuss with the designer. There needs to be a greater conversation than “what does a website cost?” The designer needs to understand your branding, and may suggest design solutions that are original, strategic and cost-effective.
  •  Everyone involved in the decision process needs to be included in the initial meeting with the designer. This is to avoid misunderstanding regarding the scope of the project, the audience, or personal preferences.
  • Be familiar with the designer’s work, and ask to see samples. There are different areas of expertise within the graphic design industry, and the best results will be achieved by hiring a designer with the skill set which best suits your needs.
  • Let the designer do the design work. The value in using a professional is the knowledge of different mediums and how to best visually communicate information.

A good designer should be your creative partner in your marketing, working with you to help communicate your brand and sell your product or service. Working together with the designer and respecting the designer’s knowledge and expertise will help result in a successful project

Read more about the poster which is a 2015 Aster Award winner for multilingual healthcare marketing and how the principles of design were used in the creation.