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Marketing Resolutions

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From my newsletter a few years ago, it’s still good advice.

Did you know that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions?

New Years Resolution Calendar
You may start with the best intentions, but people often fail at achieving the desired outcome. According to, to keep resolutions your goals should be specific. Instead of making a vague promise to “improve my website”, you might also include a focused plan of what needs to be changed on your website and how you will accomplish this. The plan could include where to begin, determining what skills or knowledge may be needed, and then finding another person to keep you accountable and successful. Does adding these details make your list seem overwhelming? Delegating some of these tasks might help overcome the roadblocks and help fulfill your goal.

What resolutions are on your list? If you haven’t started, here is a list of 13 Marketing Musts, as outlined by Small Business Trends.

  • A clean, current, engaging, easy to navigate website.
  • A WordPress blog where you can share your expertise and the expertise of others you admire.
  • A fully developed professional, active Linked In Profile, with recommendations.
  • A Facebook page that you use strategically, respectfully and carefully.
  • Smart use of Twitter for branding yourself and others.
  • Podcasting and listening are hot. Feature quality content from yourself and others.
  • An e-marketing campaign to regularly engage with your permission based A list.
  • A local chamber membership or professional organization to engage in your community.
  • Going to key conferences to meet key people, in person, in your industry.
  • Seminars and workshops to enhance your professional advancement and knowledge.
  • Brand makeover to keep yourself fresh and relevant.
  • Choose smart, strategic partnerships and alliances to add more value and reach.
  • Give back, pay forward, help others, pro bono.

If you used some or all of these “musts” for your business resolutions, would you know how to achieve these goals? Resolution Creative can help you with many of these, whether for print, web, social media or email marketing. Call 630-661-1140 or email and schedule a free brand analysis, and learn how you can get started on fulfilling those resolutions.

Peace on Earth

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2017 Holiday Greeting from Resolution Creative
Peace on Earth

Batavia Peace on Earth Bridge
Since 2008 the pedestrian bridge in Batavia, Illinois is decorated with the greeting “Peace on Earth.” during the holidays.  It’s a message we should remember throughout the year. This original color pencil drawing is based upon a photograph I took, at sunset.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and looking forward to a prosperous 2018!
If you’re a client, thank you for your support. 

Lisa Smith Youngdahl

Your Winter Break homework

I recently returned from WordCamp US 2017 in Nashville. One of the topics discussed was the usability of a website. You may have an attractive website, but is it truly usable? An exercise you can do is write a list of important information you would like visitors to your website to access. Over the holidays, ask your family and friends if they can find the information while navigating the site on their own, without any coaching. Is your site truly usable?  We will discuss this in greater detail in the next newsletter. In the meantime, do your homework, and have a wonderful holiday!

I am currently booking projects for early 2018. What marketing materials will you need in the new year? Contact me for a FREE initial design audit.

– Lisa Youngdahl

Learning more about WordPress in the Music City

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WordCamp US 2017 WordPress Conference attendee badgeWordCamp US 2017

the national WordPress conference
part 1


This year, between the Thanksgiving gathering and preparing for the holidays, I plan to travel to Nashville to attend the 2017 WordCamp US. What is Wordcamp? It’s a conference focusing on everything WordPress, with information presented on a variety of topics. For those of you not familiar with WordPress, it is a content management system used for blogging and websites. The sites I have designed in recent years have used this system. It’s easy for my clients to maintain, and adapts well to be responsive when used on mobile devices. I’ve attended WordCamp Chicago several times, but this will be my first time at the national conference.

After reviewing the schedule, here are some of the sessions I am looking forward to attending:

  • Web Content as Usability
    Can your visitors easily navigate a web site and find the information that is important to them? This is different than accessibility, and targets the average user.
  • How to teach clients to effectively use WordPress
    Some of the popularity of WordPress is due to it being easy to edit content without knowing how to code. This session will cover effectively educate clients to update their site.

These are just a couple of the variety of topics that will be presented. I will walk away with the knowledge of how to improve the web services I can provide to my clients.

After I return from Nashville, I will be available to work on your projects throughout the holidays. Perhaps there will be an opportunity to implement to knowledge I’ve gained. In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! As always, I’m thankful to my clients and the projects we develop together.

Contact Resolution Creative for a free initial design audit. I am currently booking projects for 2018.

Thanksgiving newsletter turkey photo

Good Logo Design is More than a Trend

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When browsing online, I often see articles such as these:

Logo Design Trends for 2017
Logo Design Trends and Inspiration
Graphic Design Trends to be aware of
Print Design Trends to Look Out For

Instead of following trends, it is better to learn and apply the principles of good design. I constantly see poorly designed materials which are difficult to read or understand. Knowledge and use of the principles of design and rules for good logo, print and web design is an important investment in your marketing.

Since a logo is the most commonly seen element of your business, let’s start with some rules for logo design.

  • Simple – Keep it simple and your branding will be easier to understand at a glance.
  • Memorable – Use a unique, yet simple, element that relates to your business.
  • Timeless – Don’t just follow trends. (Remember drop shadows and gradients?)  Your logo will look dated in few years and it will be costly to change.
  • Versatile – Your logo should reproduce well at any size or usage. It should have the same impact in black and white as it does in color. Try to stay away heavily detailed illustrations.
  • Appropriate – A logo should reflect the industry and market served. A logo designed for a construction company will not be appropriate for a fashion brand.

Here are some examples of well known logos that follow these guidelines. Working with an experienced designer who knows and implements these rules will help ensure the creation of a lasting visual identity for your business. Call Resolution Graphics for a free consultation.  Click here to view some of the logos designed by Resolution Creative.

Fed Ex Logo Design Here are two well known examples of good logo design. Simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, appropriate, and unique to the businesses represented.

The FedEx logo is very easy to read and recognize, but it’s not just a word mark.

Do you see the arrow created by the negative space? Arrows are commonly used to convey speed and movement. The hidden arrow does not distract the viewer from name and adds an element of cleverness and surprise.  Read more…

McDonalds Logo DesignEveryone recognizes the McDonalds logo. The original restaurant chain featured gold arches on the buildings. The simple rendering of the arches in the logo also form the letter M.

Apple Logo DesignWould you believe the illustration on the left was the original logo for Apple Computer? It breaks several of the rules for good logo design. It’s definitely not simple, or versatile, making difficult to reproduce. Does this design convey modern technology and product design? This logo was only in existence for a year. Read more about the history of Apple’s logo

Website Update, Be Discovered

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Website updating will help clients find you

Google Search Screen website on a laptop computer

Perhaps your business or organization has not changed in years, but the internet has. It may be time to update your website to meet current standards, compliance, and make it easier for your customers to find you.

I recently attended Wordcamp Chicago, a two day conference for everything related to WordPress, a content management system used in website creation. I’d like to share a couple of important takeaways from the event regarding SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)

  • If your website is not using HTTPS, or SSL, an upcoming release of the latest Chrome browser will display a message stating “Not Secure.” Not only will you be flagged as not being a secure site to your audience, but Google gives preference to sites which are secure. If your Google ranking is important to you, your web site needs to use the HTTPS protocol. Not sure what SSL and HTTPS are? Read more about SSL and HTTPS here and specifically how it applies to WordPress.
  • Is your site ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant? Google ranks sites which are ADA compliant higher than those that are not. This means using alt text for your images, enough contrast so text may be easily read, and using HTML heading tags in the correct order.

Speaking of Google ranking, did you know that mobile-friendliness has been a ranking factor since 2015? Pull your phone out of your pocket and see how well your web site displays (or doesn’t!) Mobile website views surpassed  desktop views in 2016, and how your site appears is important to Google.

Are you interested in improving your search engine rankings and a receiving a free audit of your website? Contact Resolution Creative to bring your website into compliance, optimize for search engines, and refresh your digital marketing!

Change is Coming…

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Look for the Changes Ahead when planning your marketing.How It Affects Your Marketing

The new year traditionally triggers a time for reflection, followed by planning for the future. In planning for this year, no matter who you voted for, you probably realize it will be a time of change — time to consider how your organization or your audience might be impacted by the new administration, and the message you will need to communicate in your marketing.
There may be multitude of different audiences you need to reach. Here are just a few examples.

  • Immediately after the election there were increased donations to nonprofits working for human rights or the environment. A focus of your marketing could be telling this audience how donations are used, who benefits from your cause, how your non profit may be affected by changes this year.
  • The Affordable Health Care Act created a need for increased educational messages regarding their health care choices. Resolution Creative designed well organized communications to help VNA Health Care reach a bilingual audience and help them navigate the ACA.  The repeal or replacement of it will require the same increased communication efforts.
  • Some of the population has a renewed confidence in the economy under a Trump presidency. This group is viewed as more willing to make investments in their business. Do you offer services or projects in which they may now be willing to invest?

Whatever the message, it needs to show an understanding of the needs of your audience. Use a multi-channel approach and content marketing, delivering consistent messaging through email, brochures, advertising, websites, and social media. Working with a professional in visual communications will allow you to reach those who can use your services in a way that is engaging, easy to read and understand. Contact Resolution Creative for a free audit of your 2017 marketing.

Do You Need Branding Guidelines?

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You’ve probably been told, and acknowledge, that a business logo is important; a well-designed logo is a visual reminder of a brand.  However, the logo is only one element in your visual branding. Is there a consistent look in your marketing materials? If you look at your website, printed materials, and advertising, are there a variety of styles being used? Are old elements being mixed with your new identity, creating a mishmash of styles and confusion?

Brand standards specify guidelines for the size and placement of a logo, approved colors and typestyles, and often include templates for use in producing a variety of documents. Writing and imagery styles may also be specified. This may include what photo content might be appropriate, words or phrases to use or avoid.

Both large and small businesses can benefit from the use of brand guidelines. A small business might not always have the budget to hire a  designer, and the larger business might have their external marketing professionally designed, but other communications may be left to an employee without any design knowledge. Having a clear set of standards and templates will help ensure a professional appearance to all communications, instead of an amateurish hodgepodge of design. John Hopkins Medicine has a portion of their website dedicated to branding guidelines. You can browse around in it yourself, and see their brand standards, click here.

Do you think you need branding guidelines? If you are interested, please contact me at Resolution Creative,


Templates and graphic brand elements created for the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Recent Project

I was recently contacted by the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy to develop branding materials for their new IN2 innovation hub. IN2 is an incubator center for students, the local business community and entrepreneurs to collaborate in a high tech environment. Steve Chen, cofounder of YouTube and a graduate of IMSA donated $1,000,000 to fund IN2.

Working collaboratively with the school’s marketing and public relations department, I developed complementary graphic elements to be used with the existing logo, as well as templates for sell sheets, posters, e-newsletters and PowerPoint presentations. The consistent use of these design materials help create a solid, yet separate, identity for IN2 that differentiates from the traditional identity used for the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

Beyond the TriFold Brochure

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“I have a website. I don’t need a brochure.”

I’ve heard this many times. A website is just one way to reach your audience. It takes multiple contacts before you make an impression. By utilizing print in addition to your online marketing, you provide information that is easy to access and save for future reference.

But how do you make your print marketing stand out in a sea of tri-fold brochures?  An affordable option you may not have considered is to break away from the more common sizes and layouts with the creative use of trims and folds. Here’s a couple of printed pieces recently designed by Resolution Creative.
Fundraiser Invitation

Water Street Studios wanted a unique look, but to keep costs down, in the invitation for their fundraiser.  As shown on the left, the printed piece featured a short fold with the name of the event, which opened to a large photo of the gallery with the invitation information. It fits into a #10 envelope for mailing.
click here to view larger image

Resolution Creative Marketing brochureMy own promotional brochure, shown on right, received two 2014 American Graphic Design Awards for logo and brochure design. Folded, the brochure fits into a #10 envelope, but it is 3.75” x 17”, and features a gate fold. A gate fold uses panels folding into the center from opposing sides.
click to view larger image


Download a Free Brochure Calculator

Did you realize that even a brochure as simple as a tri-fold has different sized panels? It’s not just a matter of dividing your paper into three sections. Here’s a link to a free pdf that will help you determine the size of the panels in a folded brochure. Enter the folded size of your brochure, and the number of panels, and the size of each panel in the document will be calculated for you.

Let’s discuss the marketing solutions that will make an impression on your audience. Contact Resolution Creative

Thanking You

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I am grateful I can help you and others by doing what I love.


Some of the best client relationships have come through referrals.  If your referral leads to a new client, let me show my gratitude with 10% off your next project. If you’ve been receiving my newsletter, and we have not yet worked together, I will give you a 10% discount on your first project.

Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!


About the photo

Last fall, I went to Waterfall Glen to photograph the autumn landscape, and stumbled upon this magical scene. A few moments later, the wedding party appeared for dinner in the woods. I am thrilled and grateful I was able to capture this image. Of course, I can’t take much credit for it.

See more of my photography and art, available for purchase on Zazzle and Society 6.

Too Many Hats

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How many hats are you wearing?iStock_000017127400_Large

Graphic designer and business owner. College instructor. Landlord. Those are some of my hats. Then there’s that whole work / life balance thing.

Wearing too many hats at once can be a heavy burden, whether juggling diverse businesses or multiple responsibilities within your organization. Part of the burden is trying to undertake every task yourself instead of finding reliable resources who can help you. For example, as part of my vacation rental, I am required to pay monthly payment of a hotel tax. It’s not a complex form, but was time-consuming to review my rentals each month. I realized there is value in hiring someone with a better understanding of Nashville tax law who will do this task more efficiently. When I compare what I pay for this service to the value of my time spent on other aspects of my businesses, it is well worth the expense.

Sometimes outsourcing certain tasks brings a new level of expertise to your business. When needed I hire others, such as writers and photographers to bring the needed level of professionalism to a project. I am still responsible for the outcome, and control the direction, but using other experts will improve the finished outcome.

Does one of your hats not quite fit?

Take a look at your list of responsibilities. What tasks need your knowledge and background, and which may be better performed by others? Find reliable resources who will deliver consistent quality and focus on what you do best. Perhaps you’re frustrated because your marketing materials don’t look quite right, but you don’t know why. Resolution Creative may be able to help, and become a valuable resource.

Contact me for a free initial design audit. I am currently booking projects for 2016. Here’s a few of the things I can help you with: