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Marketing Resolutions

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From my newsletter a few years ago, it’s still good advice. Did you know that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions? You may start with the best intentions, but people often fail at achieving the desired outcome. According to, to keep resolutions your goals should be specific. Instead of making a vague promise to “improve my website”, you might also include a focused plan of what needs to be changed on your website and how you will accomplish this. The plan could include where to begin,...

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Peace on Earth

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2017 Holiday Greeting from Resolution Creative Peace on Earth Since 2008 the pedestrian bridge in Batavia, Illinois is decorated with the greeting “Peace on Earth.” during the holidays.  It’s a message we should remember throughout the year. This original color pencil drawing is based upon a photograph I took, at sunset. Wishing you a wonderful holiday and looking forward to a prosperous 2018! If you’re a client, thank you for your support.  Your Winter Break homework I recently returned from WordCamp US 2017 in Nashville. One of the topics...

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Learning more about WordPress in the Music City

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WordCamp US 2017 the national WordPress conference part 1   This year, between the Thanksgiving gathering and preparing for the holidays, I plan to travel to Nashville to attend the 2017 WordCamp US. What is Wordcamp? It’s a conference focusing on everything WordPress, with information presented on a variety of topics. For those of you not familiar with WordPress, it is a content management system used for blogging and websites. The sites I have designed in recent years have used this system. It’s easy for my clients to maintain, and...

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Good Logo Design is More than a Trend

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When browsing online, I often see articles such as these: Logo Design Trends for 2017 Logo Design Trends and Inspiration Graphic Design Trends to be aware of Print Design Trends to Look Out For Instead of following trends, it is better to learn and apply the principles of good design. I constantly see poorly designed materials which are difficult to read or understand. Knowledge and use of the principles of design and rules for good logo, print and web design is an important investment in your marketing. Since a logo is the most commonly seen...

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Website Update, Be Discovered

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Website updating will help clients find you Perhaps your business or organization has not changed in years, but the internet has. It may be time to update your website to meet current standards, compliance, and make it easier for your customers to find you. I recently attended Wordcamp Chicago, a two day conference for everything related to WordPress, a content management system used in website creation. I’d like to share a couple of important takeaways from the event regarding SEO. (Search Engine Optimization) If your website is not using...

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Change is Coming…

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How It Affects Your Marketing The new year traditionally triggers a time for reflection, followed by planning for the future. In planning for this year, no matter who you voted for, you probably realize it will be a time of change — time to consider how your organization or your audience might be impacted by the new administration, and the message you will need to communicate in your marketing. There may be multitude of different audiences you need to reach. Here are just a few examples. Immediately after the election there were increased...

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Do You Need Branding Guidelines?

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You’ve probably been told, and acknowledge, that a business logo is important; a well-designed logo is a visual reminder of a brand.  However, the logo is only one element in your visual branding. Is there a consistent look in your marketing materials? If you look at your website, printed materials, and advertising, are there a variety of styles being used? Are old elements being mixed with your new identity, creating a mishmash of styles and confusion? Brand standards specify guidelines for the size and placement of a logo, approved colors...

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Beyond the TriFold Brochure

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“I have a website. I don’t need a brochure.” I’ve heard this many times. A website is just one way to reach your audience. It takes multiple contacts before you make an impression. By utilizing print in addition to your online marketing, you provide information that is easy to access and save for future reference. But how do you make your print marketing stand out in a sea of tri-fold brochures?  An affordable option you may not have considered is to break away from the more common sizes and layouts with the creative use of trims and...

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Thanking You

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I am grateful I can help you and others by doing what I love. Some of the best client relationships have come through referrals.  If your referral leads to a new client, let me show my gratitude with 10% off your next project. If you’ve been receiving my newsletter, and we have not yet worked together, I will give you a 10% discount on your first project. Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!   About the photo Last fall, I went to Waterfall Glen to photograph the autumn landscape, and stumbled upon this magical...

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Too Many Hats

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How many hats are you wearing? Graphic designer and business owner. College instructor. Landlord. Those are some of my hats. Then there’s that whole work / life balance thing. Wearing too many hats at once can be a heavy burden, whether juggling diverse businesses or multiple responsibilities within your organization. Part of the burden is trying to undertake every task yourself instead of finding reliable resources who can help you. For example, as part of my vacation rental, I am required to pay monthly payment of a hotel tax. It’s not a...

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