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Designing a logo is about more than finding some clip art and a cool font. It’s about your business and your audience. The best logo design is a memorable, reproducible marriage of an original graphic image and font that will create a unique identity for your business.

A logo serves as a visual reminder to your audience’s memory, leaving a greater and lengthier impact than words alone can do. It is the simplest and most direct way in promoting a business presence. It has to convey your company’s focus, and it must be easy to read, eye catching, easily recognizable, timeless and memorable.
Since a logo is the most commonly seen element of your business, here’s our rules for logo design.

  • Simple – Keep it simple and your branding will be easier to understand at a glance.
  • Memorable – Use a unique, yet simple, element that relates to your business.
  • Timeless – Don’t just follow trends. Your logo will look dated in few years and it will be costly to change.
  • Versatile – Your logo should reproduce well at any size or usage. It should have the same impact in black and white as it does in color.
  • Appropriate – A logo should reflect the industry and market served.

Read what one of our logo clients has to say about our work:

“I have hired Lisa on a couple of projects. The bottom line, if the clients are happy with a logo design, I am happy! Let’s just say her designs made them ecstatic. Quick, Creative and Quality. She listens, and gives you just what you ask for.”

– Brian Basilico, B2b Interactive Marketing and Author of It’s Not About You, It’s About BACON!

Whether you need a redesign or creating a new identity, contact Resolution Creative and we can discuss the possibilities.

Case Study: Image Awards Logo Redesign