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Marketing Resolutions

It’s the end of January. Have you already failed at your resolutions, or did you even make any? It’s still early in the year, it’s not too late to get started. How about some marketing resolutions that will help grow your business? Keep in mind it is easier to keep resolutions if the goals are specific.

Last year I wrote about 13 Marketing Musts for 2013 from Small Business Trends. This list may help you get started in making improvements to your 2014 marketing. Remember to keep your goals specific. Instead of making a vague promise to “improve my website”, develop a plan of what needs to be changed on your website and how you will accomplish this. Does accomplishing these goals seem overwhelming? Delegating some of these tasks might help fulfill your goals.

Your marketing resolutions for 2014 should include:

  • A clean, current, engaging, easy to navigate website.
  • A WordPress blog where you can share your expertise and the expertise of others you admire.
  • Brand makeover to keep yourself fresh and relevant.
  • Choose smart, strategic partnerships and alliances to add more value and reach.
  • Give back, pay forward, help others, pro bono.

If you need help getting started, contact Resolution Creative for a free audit of your current marketing.