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Good Logo Design is More than a Trend

When browsing online, I often see articles such as these:

Logo Design Trends for 2017
Logo Design Trends and Inspiration
Graphic Design Trends to be aware of
Print Design Trends to Look Out For

Instead of following trends, it is better to learn and apply the principles of good design. I constantly see poorly designed materials which are difficult to read or understand. Knowledge and use of the principles of design and rules for good logo, print and web design is an important investment in your marketing.

Since a logo is the most commonly seen element of your business, let’s start with some rules for logo design.

  • Simple – Keep it simple and your branding will be easier to understand at a glance.
  • Memorable – Use a unique, yet simple, element that relates to your business.
  • Timeless – Don’t just follow trends. (Remember drop shadows and gradients?)  Your logo will look dated in few years and it will be costly to change.
  • Versatile – Your logo should reproduce well at any size or usage. It should have the same impact in black and white as it does in color. Try to stay away heavily detailed illustrations.
  • Appropriate – A logo should reflect the industry and market served. A logo designed for a construction company will not be appropriate for a fashion brand.

Here are some examples of well known logos that follow these guidelines. Working with an experienced designer who knows and implements these rules will help ensure the creation of a lasting visual identity for your business. Call Resolution Graphics for a free consultation.  Click here to view some of the logos designed by Resolution Creative.

Fed Ex Logo Design Here are two well known examples of good logo design. Simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, appropriate, and unique to the businesses represented.

The FedEx logo is very easy to read and recognize, but it’s not just a word mark.

Do you see the arrow created by the negative space? Arrows are commonly used to convey speed and movement. The hidden arrow does not distract the viewer from name and adds an element of cleverness and surprise.  Read more…

McDonalds Logo DesignEveryone recognizes the McDonalds logo. The original restaurant chain featured gold arches on the buildings. The simple rendering of the arches in the logo also form the letter M.

Apple Logo DesignWould you believe the illustration on the left was the original logo for Apple Computer? It breaks several of the rules for good logo design. It’s definitely not simple, or versatile, making difficult to reproduce. Does this design convey modern technology and product design? This logo was only in existence for a year. Read more about the history of Apple’s logo