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What Story Can You Tell with An Infographic?

Data infographicThere’s been a lot of buzz in the design world about infographics the past few years. An infographic can simplify a boring or complex subject, making it visually engaging and easier to understand. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 faster than text. How did I learn this? Through numerous infographics. Shown here is an infographic Resolution Creative designed for a data consultant.

Since an infographic is a picture, it is easy to share via social media. If it is well designed, and presents interesting data, it may go viral. Want to get started? Here are a few tips for creating a successful info graphic:

  • The topic should be of interest to your audience
  • Use data to tell the story; do not just throw a bunch of images on the page
  • Use minimal copy to make it easier understand and retain information
  • Graphics should be large and simple, and reinforce your data
  • Use large font sizes for nuggets of relevant data to be easily read at a glance.

What story can you tell with an infographic? Let’s brainstorm together! Contact us for a free design consultation.

Recent Work

Infographic on the benefits of quitting smoking, designed for use in a print flier for VNA Health Care. I used a graphic of a large stopwatch to illustrate the amount of time after quitting smoking, and cigarette illustrations were created to segment information and as bar graphs. The bright colors used are part of VNA’s branding.