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Website Update, Be Discovered

Website updating will help clients find you

Google Search Screen website on a laptop computer

Perhaps your business or organization has not changed in years, but the internet has. It may be time to update your website to meet current standards, compliance, and make it easier for your customers to find you.

I recently attended Wordcamp Chicago, a two day conference for everything related to WordPress, a content management system used in website creation. I’d like to share a couple of important takeaways from the event regarding SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)

  • If your website is not using HTTPS, or SSL, an upcoming release of the latest Chrome browser will display a message stating “Not Secure.” Not only will you be flagged as not being a secure site to your audience, but Google gives preference to sites which are secure. If your Google ranking is important to you, your web site needs to use the HTTPS protocol. Not sure what SSL and HTTPS are? Read more about SSL and HTTPS here and specifically how it applies to WordPress.
  • Is your site ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant? Google ranks sites which are ADA compliant higher than those that are not. This means using alt text for your images, enough contrast so text may be easily read, and using HTML heading tags in the correct order.

Speaking of Google ranking, did you know that mobile-friendliness has been a ranking factor since 2015? Pull your phone out of your pocket and see how well your web site displays (or doesn’t!) Mobile website views surpassed  desktop views in 2016, and how your site appears is important to Google.

Are you interested in improving your search engine rankings and a receiving a free audit of your website? Contact Resolution Creative to bring your website into compliance, optimize for search engines, and refresh your digital marketing!