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VNA Health Care Flyer redesign

Client: VNA Health Care –  Aurora, IL
Industry: non-profit health care
Project: flyer redesign

VNA Heath Care flyer

VNA Health Care prints a series of flyers for each clinic location. The information provided includes the location, the staff, and the specializations provided at that clinic. Because of the turnover in staff, there is often a need for the flyers to be updated. The client was interested in an updated look, while still keeping within the brand standards.

The existing flyer had a lot of visual clutter in the dark background and repeating circles. Legibility is increased with tighter groupings of the provider images balanced with white space. Large subheads in different colors helped segment the specializations. The provider names in black on a white background are easier to read than the small reverse type used previously. The redesign resulted in a layout that can be easily updated, and modified for different locations.