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Use Door Hangers in your Marketing

DoorHangerMockMarketing with Door Hangers

Have you thought about going old school with your marketing and adding door hangers to the mix? A door hanger guarantees interaction with your audience; it has to be noticed if it’s hanging from your doorknob.

Resolution Creative recently created a series of door hangers for VNA Health Care.
Amy Downing, VNA’s director of Marketing, uses door hangers because “door hangers are a cost effective alternative to direct mail. I like that I have more control over when the door hangers deliver and I can cover a larger area for my budget.  I targeted our door hangers based on geography close to the clinics.” There was increased volume at the different VNA clinics in March, and she attributes that to the marketing efforts.

Intuit Small Business blog has tips for the effective use of door hangers. It is important to keep the design simple, so it can be easily read. This means a simple message and big headlines with a strong call to action, and the contact information should be prominently featured.

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