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Too Many Hats

How many hats are you wearing?iStock_000017127400_Large

Graphic designer and business owner. College instructor. Landlord. Those are some of my hats. Then there’s that whole work / life balance thing.

Wearing too many hats at once can be a heavy burden, whether juggling diverse businesses or multiple responsibilities within your organization. Part of the burden is trying to undertake every task yourself instead of finding reliable resources who can help you. For example, as part of my vacation rental, I am required to pay monthly payment of a hotel tax. It’s not a complex form, but was time-consuming to review my rentals each month. I realized there is value in hiring someone with a better understanding of Nashville tax law who will do this task more efficiently. When I compare what I pay for this service to the value of my time spent on other aspects of my businesses, it is well worth the expense.

Sometimes outsourcing certain tasks brings a new level of expertise to your business. When needed I hire others, such as writers and photographers to bring the needed level of professionalism to a project. I am still responsible for the outcome, and control the direction, but using other experts will improve the finished outcome.

Does one of your hats not quite fit?

Take a look at your list of responsibilities. What tasks need your knowledge and background, and which may be better performed by others? Find reliable resources who will deliver consistent quality and focus on what you do best. Perhaps you’re frustrated because your marketing materials don’t look quite right, but you don’t know why. Resolution Creative may be able to help, and become a valuable resource.

Contact me for a free initial design audit. I am currently booking projects for 2016. Here’s a few of the things I can help you with: