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Peace on Earth

2017 Holiday Greeting from Resolution Creative
Peace on Earth

Batavia Peace on Earth Bridge
Since 2008 the pedestrian bridge in Batavia, Illinois is decorated with the greeting “Peace on Earth.” during the holidays.  It’s a message we should remember throughout the year. This original color pencil drawing is based upon a photograph I took, at sunset.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and looking forward to a prosperous 2018!
If you’re a client, thank you for your support. 

Lisa Smith Youngdahl

Your Winter Break homework

I recently returned from WordCamp US 2017 in Nashville. One of the topics discussed was the usability of a website. You may have an attractive website, but is it truly usable? An exercise you can do is write a list of important information you would like visitors to your website to access. Over the holidays, ask your family and friends if they can find the information while navigating the site on their own, without any coaching. Is your site truly usable?  We will discuss this in greater detail in the next newsletter. In the meantime, do your homework, and have a wonderful holiday!

I am currently booking projects for early 2018. What marketing materials will you need in the new year? Contact me for a FREE initial design audit.

– Lisa Youngdahl