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Keep It Simple

You’ve probably heard that phrase at some point in your life, but how many businesses apply this principle to their website? If a website has too much information, or unnecessary images, it may obstruct your message and drive your audience away. According to Manta, websites should be uncluttered and easy to navigate. Keep it simple: your copy should be concise, and use white space between your images and text to improve readability and create a pleasing online experience.

Your professionalism will be communicated through your copy and the visual appearance of your website. If you find the idea of creating a website daunting, Resolution Creative will work with you and suggest options which will fit your budget. Contact us for a free design consultation.

KB Health Insurance Solutions website

KBiPhoneA good example of a small “brochure” website is the design created for KB Health Insurance Solutions by Resolution Creative. Potential clients may request information, access a location map, and download insurance applications. The graphics are kept to a minimum, but utilize colors and typestyles which reinforce KB Health Insurance Solutions  branding. Fewer images are used in the mobile version, which helps in navigating the site on a smaller platform.