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I’ve never tried this beer before, because the label uses Comic Sans.


(Or, don’t look like an amateur.)

During lunch at a local brew pub last week, my son Ben observed “I’ve never tried this beer before, because the label uses Comic Sans.” While Ben is an admitted beer snob, he is not a designer, so this piqued my curiosity. Designers are known to mock the use of the Comic Sans font. There’s even a group, “Ban Comic Sans.”

ComicSansBeerLabelI asked why the use of Comic Cans bothered him. “It shows the company did not care enough to hire a professional designer. It’s looks amateurish. If the company is not professional in their presentation, how does the beer taste?”

Apply this anecdote to your business. Are your visual communications professional, or do they look amateurish? Using underlines for emphasis, poor quality photos and lack of consistency among the graphic elements are just a few of the tell tale signs of the amateur. Aesthetics are not the only consideration. Amateur mistakes in production can cost you when your marketing goes to print, or a website  does not display correctly.

Being a designer is not only knowing how to use the tools of design, but how to achieve the desired results. Professional design will ensure the right message is delivered to your customers. Do you care how you appear to your audience? Contact Resolution Creative for a free design audit.