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Getting Sh*t Done

Getting Sh*t Done (or How I Spent My Summer Vacation.)

Last week I traveled to Brooklyn, New York. It wasn’t for a client, family or vacation. It was a “grass-roots” retreat to review my own business, marketing strategies, and business organization.

After attending the 2009 Creative Freelancer Conference in San Diego, I enrolled in a marketing coaching group led by Ilise Benun. After our coaching sessions ended, I continued a weekly discussion, by phone, with two others from the group, Tricia Okin and Dianne Rohlkohl. Each week we analyze the work we are doing, current trends in marketing, print and web design, and how best to reach our ideal clients. The relationships have grown over the past six years into friendships and trusted business advisors.

We decided to “push the reset button,” and met in Brooklyn to review our businesses and what steps needed to be taken for future growth. A productive five days were spent focusing on our business, roaming Manhattan, and enjoying great meals and each others’ company. Over all, “we got sh*t done,”  and I am looking forward to the future growth of my business.

When was the last time you paused, took a deep breath, and reviewed your business? Even more importantly, had an someone with objective eye review it with you?

Resolution Creative can help. We can review your current marketing materials and offer suggestions for improvement, and assist in developing your visual communications for print or web. Let’s set up a time to get together.

2015 Art in Your Eye

Enchanted Woodland original color photo

View some of my fine art at the juried City Hall Exhibit during Batavia’s Art in Your Eye, August 15 & 16.
Deer in The Forest