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Change is Coming…

Look for the Changes Ahead when planning your marketing.How It Affects Your Marketing

The new year traditionally triggers a time for reflection, followed by planning for the future. In planning for this year, no matter who you voted for, you probably realize it will be a time of change — time to consider how your organization or your audience might be impacted by the new administration, and the message you will need to communicate in your marketing.
There may be multitude of different audiences you need to reach. Here are just a few examples.

  • Immediately after the election there were increased donations to nonprofits working for human rights or the environment. A focus of your marketing could be telling this audience how donations are used, who benefits from your cause, how your non profit may be affected by changes this year.
  • The Affordable Health Care Act created a need for increased educational messages regarding their health care choices. Resolution Creative designed well organized communications to help VNA Health Care reach a bilingual audience and help them navigate the ACA.  The repeal or replacement of it will require the same increased communication efforts.
  • Some of the population has a renewed confidence in the economy under a Trump presidency. This group is viewed as more willing to make investments in their business. Do you offer services or projects in which they may now be willing to invest?

Whatever the message, it needs to show an understanding of the needs of your audience. Use a multi-channel approach and content marketing, delivering consistent messaging through email, brochures, advertising, websites, and social media. Working with a professional in visual communications will allow you to reach those who can use your services in a way that is engaging, easy to read and understand. Contact Resolution Creative for a free audit of your 2017 marketing.