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Image Awards Logo Design

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logo for Image Awards Engraving and Creative Keepsakes

The new logo for Image Awards Engraving and Creative Keepsakes

Client: Image Awards Engraving and Creative Keepsakes, Inc.
Industry: Retail
Project: Logo Design

Image Awards Engraving and Creative Keepsakes, Inc. is a retail business based in Geneva, Illinois. A successful business, providing trophies, corporate awards, and personalized gifts. All engraving and color imprinting is done onsite. The successful business is owned by Patty Donohue who was recently featured in “Building Your Business the Right Brain Way” by Jennifer Lee.

As the twentieth anniversary for the business approached, Patty decided it was time to reinvigorate her logo. She did some tweaking to her existing logo, and asked for opinions on Facebook. Most of the opinions posted were actually recommendations for different designers she could use, The logo contained a photo of a trophy. Using a photograph violates one of the requirements of a logo design; it needs to be scalable at any size. Patty decided that it was time to hire a professional, and contacted Resolution Creative. (more…)

Campton Township Parks & Open Space Website Design

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Client: Campton Township Parks and Open Space
Industry: local government
Project: website design

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 12.33.01 PM

Website for Campton Township Parks and Open Space
Designed by Resolution Creative



The Parks and Open Space Program did not have its own web presence, just a link on Campton Township site. Information about Parks and Open Space was difficult to find. The beauty of the area was not conveyed, and the technology used on the site was outdated.  Parks and Open Space content was in an iframe, which is one HTML document embedded inside another. This was not compatible with mobile devices or many browsers. Graphics and type were scattered on the page; there was not a cohesive layout.

Before the new website design, there was only a link on the township website. Information about Parks and Open Space was difficult to find.

Before the new website design, there was only a link on the township website. Information about Parks and Open Space was difficult to find.

Campton Township is a semi-rural area located approximately 35 miles west of Chicago. The slogan of Campton Township is “Where the Future Meets the Pastoral.” As subdivisions began to creep closer to the area, a grassroots group of residents worked with the township to develop an Open Space plan, forming the Parks and Open Space Program. The township voters approved tax increases in referendums totaling over $46 million to acquire open space and preserve the natural areas and resources, wildlife and historic farms, as well as provide recreational facilities. A commitment was made by Campton Township to balancing managed growth with preservation of open space and quality of life. The board knew it was important to show the residents the over 1,300 of open space, parks and farmland that have been acquired and protected as a result of the Open Space Plan. The properties will need to be maintained in the future, and residents need to be aware of the open space and natural areas that are now part of the community.



Resolution Creative met with the township board to discuss the goals of a dedicated website for the Parks and Open Space program. The main goal was to feature the different properties acquired under the Open Space Plan. There was already a photography collection of the properties, but these had not been widely available for viewing by the public. The board wanted a site that would work on mobile devices, have an events calendar that could be updated by the board, and a way to solicit volunteers.
The finished website features a large photo of each of the properties in a rotating slide show on the home page. Each of the images links to a page about the property that includes the amenities, a photo album, and a link to a map. The site is responsive, meaning the display changes depending on the device used to view the site. In addition to the slide show, large icons are used to quickly link to the Open Space map, a volunteer information page, and the event calendar.
The site is built using a WordPress content management system, and training provided on updating the site. The website went live January, 2014. Click here to view the completed design.


What is your web presence? Do you wonder why your website isn’t performing?
Let Resolution Creative develop a solution.


VNA Health Care Flyer redesign

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Client: VNA Health Care –  Aurora, IL
Industry: non-profit health care
Project: flyer redesign

VNA Heath Care flyer

VNA Health Care prints a series of flyers for each clinic location. The information provided includes the location, the staff, and the specializations provided at that clinic. Because of the turnover in staff, there is often a need for the flyers to be updated. The client was interested in an updated look, while still keeping within the brand standards.

The existing flyer had a lot of visual clutter in the dark background and repeating circles. Legibility is increased with tighter groupings of the provider images balanced with white space. Large subheads in different colors helped segment the specializations. The provider names in black on a white background are easier to read than the small reverse type used previously. The redesign resulted in a layout that can be easily updated, and modified for different locations.



Designing for Print

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InvitationMockupAA client called me last week. A special event was being hosted by this health care organization, and the client wanted more than a standard invitation. Something that would stand-out and be noticed. Perhaps a die-cut?

In this interactive age, the request was a designer’s dream. My project load has become increasingly digital. But there are just some things you can only do in print media. Die-cuts, folds, specialty papers, embossing, foils, letterpress are just some of the features print designers drool over. Print is tactile, and has a permanence that can not be achieved in digital design. (more…)

Batavia United Way Website

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Batavia United Way Website Redesign

Client: Batavia United Way
Industry: non-profit
Project: website redesign

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 11.20.44 AM


Old Batavia United Way website, before redesign

Problem: Batavia United Way felt their old website was outdated in many ways. It had been designed by a volunteer with some programming knowledge, but the local non-profit did not have any one on staff who knew how to maintain or update the site.

The original site design was based upon a template provided by the national United Way organization, and featured links to the national site. Over time many of these sites had been moved resulting in dead links.

Much of the content on the home page template was irrelevant to the local Batavia United Way’s mission and outreach. A calendar, listing primarily board meetings, was dominant, taking valuable real estate on the site. There was no structure, or hierarchy of information. Graphic elements appeared to float in space.

One of the frustrations was the absence of a way to feature or promote fundraising events and programs offered throughout the year. A volunteer was only able to add a line of text about an upcoming event as part of the footer, and link to an external site. (more…)