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Beyond the TriFold Brochure

“I have a website. I don’t need a brochure.”

I’ve heard this many times. A website is just one way to reach your audience. It takes multiple contacts before you make an impression. By utilizing print in addition to your online marketing, you provide information that is easy to access and save for future reference.

But how do you make your print marketing stand out in a sea of tri-fold brochures?  An affordable option you may not have considered is to break away from the more common sizes and layouts with the creative use of trims and folds. Here’s a couple of printed pieces recently designed by Resolution Creative.
Fundraiser Invitation

Water Street Studios wanted a unique look, but to keep costs down, in the invitation for their fundraiser.  As shown on the left, the printed piece featured a short fold with the name of the event, which opened to a large photo of the gallery with the invitation information. It fits into a #10 envelope for mailing.
click here to view larger image

Resolution Creative Marketing brochureMy own promotional brochure, shown on right, received two 2014 American Graphic Design Awards for logo and brochure design. Folded, the brochure fits into a #10 envelope, but it is 3.75” x 17”, and features a gate fold. A gate fold uses panels folding into the center from opposing sides.
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Download a Free Brochure Calculator

Did you realize that even a brochure as simple as a tri-fold has different sized panels? It’s not just a matter of dividing your paper into three sections. Here’s a link to a free pdf that will help you determine the size of the panels in a folded brochure. Enter the folded size of your brochure, and the number of panels, and the size of each panel in the document will be calculated for you.

Let’s discuss the marketing solutions that will make an impression on your audience. Contact Resolution Creative