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Brand Consistency

Are you annoyed by this logo?

Are you annoyed by this logo?

There’s a logo that has bothered me for years. I have often driven by it, and it has never failed to annoy me.

As a graphic designer, I have certain expectations of a logo. A good logo design should be simple, legible, recognizable and and usable on a variety of media. I see many logos that don’t fit that criteria, but none of them annoy me as this one does. This has the potential to be an effective logo, but it is not being used with consistency.

A logo is part of your brand. To be effective, and build recognition and the brand, a logo needs to be presented in a consistent manner. This means always using the same color scheme, type styles, the way other elements are positioned with the logo.

What’s wrong with this logo? I suspect the smaller angled logo on the sides of the awning was how the designer originally intended the logo to be positioned. The larger logo over the door not only is not consistent, but sends a visual message at odds with the name of the business.

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