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Batavia United Way Website

Batavia United Way Website Redesign

Client: Batavia United Way
Industry: non-profit
Project: website redesign

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Old Batavia United Way website, before redesign

Problem: Batavia United Way felt their old website was outdated in many ways. It had been designed by a volunteer with some programming knowledge, but the local non-profit did not have any one on staff who knew how to maintain or update the site.

The original site design was based upon a template provided by the national United Way organization, and featured links to the national site. Over time many of these sites had been moved resulting in dead links. Much of the content on the home page template was irrelevant to the local Batavia United Way’s mission and outreach. A calendar, listing primarily board meetings, was dominant, taking valuable real estate on the site. There was no structure, or hierarchy of information. Graphic elements appeared to float in space.

One of the frustrations was the absence of a way to feature or promote fundraising events and programs offered throughout the year. A volunteer was only able to add a line of text about an upcoming event as part of the footer, and link to an external site.

Other complaints concerned the confusing navigation, and difficulty accessing information.


new website for Batavia United Way, designed by Resolution Creative

new website for Batavia United Way, designed by Resolution Creative

Solution:  The project began with an initial meeting to discuss the information to include in the site, how it should be organized, and what needed to be featured on the home page. Event promotions, a donation link, a video and newsletter subscription were all to be prominently featured. The new design was created with an emphasis on the ways to support the United Way, through Giving, Volunteering and Advocating. The branding colors help organize the website visually, and combined with the top and main menu with drop downs, a variety of information is readily accessible. The large colorful graphics are also used in the interior pages as a side menu. A slideshow featuring past United Way events and programs adds a human presence to the organization.

Additional features added to the site include a blog, allocation and grant applications, a volunteer form. Overall, the new site has increased functionality, and will provide more interaction with the community. Increased participation and donations are anticipated.

The website was built using WordPress as a content management system. A custom manual and training was provided to staff and volunteers. The website went live September, 2013.